GeneTechnology is a big supplier of laboratory services for private clinics and medical centers. Long term and mutually beneficial cooperation with clients is achieved due to high quality of our main service – laboratory tests. We offer best terms and conditions to our clients. The best of doing business with us is a wide range of options offered by our big and good equipped laboratory together with individual approach to each customer and pricing flexibility. GeneTechnology  laboratory`s  approach is based upon our own original developments as well as up-to-date methods applied in  laboratories worldwide and usage of innovative approaches.

More than 1000 laboratory tests can be performed in our laboratory. These are biochemical analysis, hormonal and immune state assessment, toxicity testing. In order to get precise results, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of all kinds of biomaterial sampling, its storage and transportation to the laboratory. Our specialists are ready to instruct your company`s workers in the rules of biomaterial sampling, its storage and transportation, drawing of appointments cards.

Our test systems and control materials panels are developed and produced in accordance with scientific and practical interests of research and diagnostics laboratories` representatives working with us. We offer help in molecular-biological laboratories management and train specialists.

We can supply patients of your healthcare center with qualitative laboratory diagnostics along with a wide range of researches.