We offer support for biological and cytogenetic laboratories work and management. If your laboratory is planning to perform molecular diagnostics in oncology, hematology or immunology, we can help you to choose equipment and teach various methods using our test systems. We carry out education programs for doctors and laboratory staff and provide teaching aids.

Education program consists of theoretical and practical parts and may include these subjects:

  • Molecular diagnostics of oncohematological diseases, monitoring methods of residual deseases;
  • DNA and RNA extraction from blood and bone marrow (using GeneTechnology test systems);
  • Oncomarkers expression analysis using real-time PCR  by TaqMan technology (using GeneTechnology test systems);
  • Oncomarkers expression analysis using routine PCR and electrophoretic detection (using GeneTechnology test systems);
  • Chimerism hematopoiesis evaluation after bone marrow transplantation by molecular method (using GeneTechnology test systems);
  • Genetic polymorphism analysis (mutation and others) using PCR method for hereditary, oncological, hematological diseases (using GeneTechnology test systems);
  • Interpretation of standard cytogenetic and FISH- test results of oncohematological diseases.