Customized solutions

GeneTechnology develops test systems for molecular diagnostics in hematology, oncology, immunology and genetic disorders. Diagnostic test systems may be developed around the needs and wises of our customers with due account of scientific and diagnostic tasks. Test systems may be used for identification of hereditary or acquired chromosomal abberations, such as translocation, insertion, inversion and duplication, point mutations and for gene expression detection. Diagnostic test systems may be based upon various PCR methods: qualitative one-stage PCR or nested PCR, real-time PCR for qualitative and quantitative diagnostics, allele-specific PCR, PCR with RFLP, PCR followed by sequencing. We offer ready-to-use kits to our customers, which include primers and probes, positive sample control, buffers, ferments, deionized water for PCR, mineral oil, buffers for electrophoresis. Qualitative and quantitative components of test systems may be corrected for our customer’s preferences.