Diagnostics kits

“GeneTechnology” offers a wide range of diagnostic test systems for molecular research in hematology, oncology, immunology, genetic disorders and genetic fingerprinting.
The company is aimed at constant updating and creation of new test systems for molecular research. We offer ready-to-use diagnostic test systems and create new ones with due consideration to our partners` opinion.
We teach molecular and cytogenetic  staff of diseases and its diagnostics, carry out practical trainings using “GeneTechnology” own test systems.

Our test systems are based upon polymerase chain reaction method.
You can see two types of test systems below:

  •      Qualitative test with further electrophoretic detection



  •     Real-time PCR detection  using TaqMan technology


We also offer test systems for DNA and RNA extraction with reverse transcription.
Each test system is designed for analysis in 100 clinic samples.
Real-time PCR test systems are adapted to Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad, Corbett Life Science and DNA-technology equipment.
PCR diagnostics is widely used in hematology, oncology and while analyzing genetic liability to various syndromes.


Sales of diagnostic test systems.

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